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Rev. Ng is HKICC Clinical supervisor. He is a pastor, lecturer, counselor, supervisor, school paster, writer, brother in Christ and life coach. He has the heart to share with you in life experience, marriage, family, work experience, Church service and spiritual cultivation. Through life sharing, counseling, spiritual communication and sharing, he experience the growth, renewal and breakthrough of life with you; also to raise spiritual awareness for the joy of release. He has more than 20 years of counseling experience and he is good at spiritual, family, marriage and personal counseling.


Doctor of Ministry (ITS-LA, USA);
M. Div in Counseling (CGST);
Th.B. (ABS)

Publishing (in Chinese only):

「小組DNA」(Cell Group manual)2000
「一個新開始」(Spiritual Development)2000
「二樓B座」(Pastoral Counseling)2003


HK$1,000 per 50 minutes session

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